Rainbow Six Siege – Retail Looks Worse Than Pre-Alpha

Comparing the Rainbow Six Siege Pre-Alpha shown at E3 with what we actually got in the retail game. The retail copy is running on a high end PC at its highest settings, but still doesn’t look as good as a demo from a year ago. What happened?

Oh and btw, the pre-alpha is at 30fps because it was uploaded by Ubisoft before YouTube supported 60fps video. It would have been just as smooth as the retail copy. It was on PC too.

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  1. f89ry7 PS4
    f89ry7 PS4 says:

    I'm glad with the rainbow six we have now but I would like to this also as a separate game because I still want to play the normal rainbow from now

  2. Just A Lizard
    Just A Lizard says:

    I'm glad they didn't do all this cut scene stuff in multiplayer I just want to play the game not watch my character jump off a helicopter or get out of a car every time it would get boring for me


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