Replacing a Distributor, Acura Integra – EricTheCarGuy

Replacing a Distributor, Acura Integra - EricTheCarGuy

Replacing a Distributor, Acura Integra – EricTheCarGuy

Well I think the title will sum this one up. Yes, I did loan my car to my brother the other day only to get it back with a bad distributor, luckily I had one in a box, not the correct one but one that worked. This also covers firing order and a few other tips should you have to replace the igniter or coil. In my opinion the only things you should automatically replace a distributor on a Honda or Acura for are the bearing going bad like in this video or oil leaking inside the assembly. I don’t think they should ever be automatically replaced for a no start. I also highly recommend using Honda ignition parts, if not you may be sorry.

There will be a “sequel” to this covering setting the ignition timing, click the link below.

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  1. irregular mana
    irregular mana says:

    im having the most difficult time getting the electronic connector to disconnect, I'm pressing the tab in the middle but the damn thing does not want to come off. I even tried using a flat head

  2. Senik Nine
    Senik Nine says:

    i got a 92 acura integra that needs a new distributor. problem is, i don't have a spare to try the method you used. question is: would a distributor from a, say 93 or 94 acura, be compatible with my 92 without worrying about shorting anything?
    really enjoy your videos, by the way. really helped me rebuild a 98 Accord with awful suspension problems.

  3. Juan Rosales
    Juan Rosales says:

    it only works when is cold. it doesn't have that much power. just run. like 40 mph if i try to speed up it will die soon

  4. Juan Rosales
    Juan Rosales says:

    hey erick i have a 1994 camry. it will run like for 10 minutes and after that start losing power and it die.
    as hard as i hit the gas pedal still won't stay on, i think it die faster

  5. Gray
    Gray says:

    a great etcg once said, if you haven't replaced your distributor you will…they go bad." nothing truer than this I found a pile of rust in mine from the bearing and it was silent.

  6. jon doe
    jon doe says:

    This brings back memories… This was the only problem I had with my civic (89) in those days, I couldn't get anyone to help me out, so I did it myself. Although I've built many 350's and GM, I was sweating doing this job myself. But I tell you what Eric, it was by far the easiest distributor I've ever changed out.. The engineering in those Hondas was awesome.. It only went together one way… In time.. It was great!! Thanks for the video too, good job!!

  7. Cam 816
    Cam 816 says:

    hey im having crank no start problem.. ive recently replaced my icm , ignition coil and rotor, it ran fine for a good 2 weeks but now it starts for 3 seconds then dies..any ideas? my friend tapps on distributor cap an it starts but not long?

  8. Aqeel Rasheed
    Aqeel Rasheed says:

    I replaced my distributor six months ago because it wouldn't start. A few weeks ago my check engine light started coming on and it turned off a few time while idling. I took it to a trusted mechanic and he said the codes, 8-1 and 8-2 were TDC sensor in the distributor. Have you seen distributors go bad after six months and 5000 miles?

  9. Cody wolfe
    Cody wolfe says:

    @EricTheCarGuy My crank angle sensor went out on my 95 Integra. with a b18b in it. i swapped the motor now it has a ridiculously weird idle it stays consistent where its supposed to but it just sounds super rough. Its throwing a code 4 (crank angle sensor) is it replaceable, any tips or advice before i order a new distributor??? Any help is much appreciated.

  10. blaknoizee
    blaknoizee says:

    My dizzy rotor screw is impossible to remove 🙁 it has been in place since 94 214k ago and just strips. I'll have to replace the distributor itself just to get a new rotor installed.


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