Rise Of The Entrepreneur – Official Movie Trailer

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  1. Travis Douglas
    Travis Douglas says:

    It is sad that they back everyone into a corner and say that jobs are no longer relevant and that network marketing is the only solution in the world anymore. It's just a bunch of Lies. If that was the case. Why do these companies fail every day? I believe they are the downfall of our economy and they promote greed. It is not about the product it is about the Ponzi scheme behind it and all the lies that cover up the truth or that is left unsaid.

  2. Jamesjajohn
    Jamesjajohn says:

    Great video, I wouldn't agree America is the greatest country in the world tho, there are quite a few other countries with better education, higher average wage, lower unemployment and longer life expectancy. It's still a great country but I don't think it's the greatest anymore sadly.

  3. Scott Moore
    Scott Moore says:

    I like this video. I have since I first saw it. Eric Worre puts out consistent value. Research him, Tim Sales, and other credible leaders. We don't go from being programmed to be an employee to having a successful business over night. Give it time, but keep working.

  4. Paul Hatzigiannis
    Paul Hatzigiannis says:

    Wow! Those who cant't do, Teach! A networkers with multiple failures and a guy who never did network marketing and co-autoherd a book with the nasty Trump like to teach us about network marketing!!! I like to listen to these guys, but never really make money through their teachings.

  5. Romesh O. Nelson
    Romesh O. Nelson says:

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  6. Ashley Tejada
    Ashley Tejada says:

    really insightful! thanks for creating this:) You have to watch the entire thing to know about the red balloon!


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