Rostered On – Pilot Episode (Official)

***** SEASON 01 STARTS APRIL 2017*******
“Rostered On” is an independent Australian comedy show based around the day to day struggles of working for a faceless retail corporation known as “Electroworld”.

Shaun (Paul Moore, Winners and Losers, 7 network) hasn’t quite figured out what he wants to do in life. Instead, he has found himself on the wrong side of 30, working in a job he hates, dealing with painful customers, cliché co-workers, and taking orders from the ignorant.

Shot over two days, on a shoe string budget, this truly was a labor of love for the cast and crew, and we look forward to announcing details about the first season as it develops. Stay tuned!

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19 replies
  1. Jason Hammar
    Jason Hammar says:

    so so terrific! proves that it does not matter where in the world you are, working retail is the same all over. I have been in retail for over 20+ years and the ending to this first episode is on point.

  2. James Clegg
    James Clegg says:

    Haven't watched this in so long. Interesting to see that Shaun's wife replaced original Tess.


  3. Marmite Moringa
    Marmite Moringa says:

    lol he took a picture when the camera was clearly not turned on and the lens was closed! liked the episode though ?

  4. Josh Lyons
    Josh Lyons says:

    Literally this is the most accurate depiction of electronic retail or retail for that matter I have ever seen.

  5. Receptionist Work
    Receptionist Work says:

    At my old job I had an elderly customer ask me if the PS3 Controller she was holding could allow her to access her neighbor's WIFI…


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