SEVENTEEN – BOOMBOOM Line Distribution (Color Coded)

What is the line distribution like for Seventeen’s BOOMBOOM?

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15 replies
  1. J-HI
    J-HI says:

    very fair for 13 members. i think we should also consider the fact that performance team are specialized in performance !! therefore we should understand it's normal that vocal team and hip hop team get more lines. however im happy jun and the8 got their own song in their new album

  2. Uriel DMarco
    Uriel DMarco says:

    It always seems like performance unit never gets to actually PERFORRMM
    also why do they gotta do China line like this everytimme c'mon pledis get cha head in the game !!!

  3. what is the time
    what is the time says:

    when their voices are so deep , even high pitch they sound normal. well most of them.

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