Shark Tank – The Most Selfless Entrepreneur Ever

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  1. Chris Nuttle
    Chris Nuttle says:

    what a beautiful person among us!!..He gives me reason to keep moving forward!!..God is good to create such a wonderful man!!

  2. Anthony Blank
    Anthony Blank says:

    And that is just one greedy dirt bag from thousands… lol fuck corporate america! everyone is up in arms abouymt race… we should be kickin down the doors of greedy rich people!

  3. Blade TheElectrowolf
    Blade TheElectrowolf says:

    I would like one of those it would help my family a lot with the small trees we got in my parents garden and my grandparents garden and that isn't that expensive either Johnny is an amazing person I'm glad there are still people are like him

  4. Fish N Chips
    Fish N Chips says:

    basically he's inventing this and wanting to sell this invention to actually help people, not just trying to sell you some shit and take your money

  5. Luis Silva
    Luis Silva says:

    I know Kevin may have been thinking 10 steps ahead and already thinking about a margin that would comprehend all assets of the company in the future but a 12€ tag for a bulk product would just decimate the public-target. Maybe increase the price a bit and when the company escalated to a national level, maybe.

  6. Nib Khan
    Nib Khan says:

    This guy is from a great generation, who cared about people and provided greatness. Now? Every one looks at exposure, capitalisation, profit, wealth. Good man, sad world.

  7. EnJey
    EnJey says:

    "Why not 10 or 12 dollars" he is making this product to save people money. If they cost 10x more than they're worth, the farmers buying them aren't saving money.


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