Disruptive Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche on Trends & Change

Top Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche’s speech on trends, change, creativity and disruptive innovation. In this disruptive innovation keynote speech, Jeremy ( walks though how disruptive innovation happens, how to create a culture of innovation & change and the Trend Hunter’s top 18 futurist mega trends impacting our world. “Disrupt or be Disrupted” is his latest and best speech on disruptive innovation and creativity and was presented at Trend Hunter’s epic Future Festival Trends Innovation Conference (where it was titled “How to Spark a Revolution”)

As a New York Times Bestseller, CEO of Trend Hunter and one of the top innovation keynote speakers, Jeremy has helped 500 brands, billionaires to implement disruptive innovation strategies in order to avoid being disrupted themselves. The Disruptive Innovation Keynote Speech is structured in five parts, based off several of Jeremy’s latest keynote speaker topics:

i. INTRO – MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH ON INNOVATION – Ignite your enthusiasm for change with Jeremy’s high energy keynote speaker style as he introduces the reason for studying disruptive innovation and trends.

ii. KEYNOTE SPEECH ON CHANGE & DISRUPTION – Learn why disruptive innovation happens, and the need for companies to adapt their business models sooner in Jeremy’s thesis. This part of his innovation speech is based on research from his New York Times Bestseller “BETTER and FASTER” which is currently the top innovation keynote video on youtube with 6,000,000 views.

iii. KEYNOTE SPEECH ON PURPOSE – Learn how to create a culture of innovation with a 3-part culture framework from Jeremy’s innovation speech on culture. This part is a bit more tactical, but to disrupt, innovate or make change happen, you need a culture of innovation and change.

iv. KEYNOTE SPEECH ON TRENDS & TREND-BASED INNOVATION – Modeled off Trend Hunter’s big data from 130,000,000 people, this part of the disruptive innovation keynote speech gets deeper into the futurist mega trends that are shaping our world, and how your business can adapt to leverage trends. Disruptive innovation starts with creative ideas that are linked to the trends that are changing business.

v. KEYNOTE SPEECH ABOUT INNOVATION AND ACTION – Finally, Jeremy wraps up with a couple examples from his strategy keynote about action and how innovation often stems from little ideas that you can make big. People think about disruption as something linked to big Eureka moments, but actually disruptive innovation is more frequently linked to little iterations, change, and adaptation that can be more broadly implemented into a company’s business strategy and organizational culture.

“Disrupt or be Disrupted” is a TED Talks style speech on innovation is designed to inspire you, and if you want more, but if you want more, come to Future Festival where you can spend more time exploring the top 18 Disruption Megatrends AND take part in Trend Hunter’s innovation workshops to identify disruptive innovation opportunities for your own brand.

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