What Is A Christian Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who assumes the responsibilities and risks involved in the operation of a business in the hopes of making a profit.

The entrepreneur generally decides on the product, acquires the facilities, and brings together three things: the labor force, capital, and production materials. If the business succeeds, then the entrepreneur has himself and the team guided by him to congratulate when he reaps the reward of profits.

On the other hand, if it fails, he or she is also brave enough to deal with loss. Either way, an entrepreneur is equipped with the skills and ideas of some of the best entrepreneurial strategies.

A Christian entrepreneur is the one who recognizes that he/she is in partnership with the Lord. They’re willing to put God’s teachings first on their priority first. They believe that any true partnership with the Lord is a guaranteed success.

With the gift of wisdom, a christian entrepreneur is in the vocation of creating utilities using God’s resources. He has to deal with how much to reinvest in the business to make the business larger and more productive, and he/she has to deal on how much to spend on self and family.

The goal of a Christian entrepreneur is not to gain material things for self-indulgent living. This entrepreneur believes that wealth is to be directed for the Lord’s work with the spiritual understanding that He could return give it back to you at any time.

Consider how little money it costs to provide the following: a Bible for believers, training for a pastor or missionary, and travel cost for them to attend conferences.

Different kinds of resources, decisions, and stewardship ideas are provided to a Christian entrepreneur. Each opportunity builds on the one preceding it, and each person is considered as an integral connection to the expert you need.

These experts provide you with an unobstructed vision on the steps to follow as you climb the ladder of success.

Despite the hectic schedule, a good and responsible owner of a particular business always finds time for service, both to the Lord and to others.

It is innate in him to always have the heart to aid others in need of time and support. For a Christian entrepreneur, looking at the big picture is a must. He looks to serve and bless others financially, professionally, or through spiritual encouragement.

The competitive business world can be very daunting to a religious entrepreneur. Money makes the world go round and some will do anything for money. Some believe that the root of all evil is money.

A Christian entrepreneur realizes the true meaning to that passage. People have been corrupted by greed alone, and a believer in God knows what is truly important.

Christian entrepreneurs focus on products most Christian want to buy, services that they can provide to other fellow Christians, and businesses that best suit the principles of a Christians lifestyle. Their marketing activities highly depend on their innermost beliefs as God’s true followers.

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How to Use Christian Book Distributors For Mass Marketing

Mass marketing is a strategy wherein the makers of the product do not take into consideration the segments in the market. Their target market becomes the whole and not just a segment. Usually mass marketing will only be successful if the target market for that certain product has a massive number when it comes to population count. It also means that it would be easier for like product to penetrate the market due to the large number of consumers. Typically, the products are produced in large quantities since it is for large consumptions.

Christian book distributors have a target market of Christian readers. The products sold by that specific type of distributor is not segmented but is still considered as specific. Here’s why: it is specific since Christians are just segment of the world’s population but general in the sense that there are still segments within the Christian community.

Thus the best example that can be given that uses mass marketing can be seen on distributors for Christian books. Christians are still the best mass market in the society today. Their percentage against the world’s total population is still considered as the highest. This would result to a greater or larger need for Christian products. Hence, the use of distributors of Christian books for mass marketing would be very effective.

Since the Christian population is still considered as highest in the society, then it would be possible for the Christian book distributors to attain the maximum exposure of product advertising. It would be easier to advertise the new product in the market since the target market’s number is larger. The use of television, radio and any other mediums will be very efficient since these are the kinds of medium that typically hit a larger consumer audience. Advertising will not only be limited to a specific place or even continent but it would be widespread throughout.

The use of distributors for Christian books for mass marketing can also be seen through their undifferentiated marketing or advertising strategy. The selling point of a Christian book distributor are faith and hope which would still be generally the same for all ages, sexes, or any other typical market segment present. Not only that these selling points are general in nature making it encompass the needs of the entire Christian community but also its appeal is very widespread as it concerns a person’s faith. This undifferentiated strategy adds up to their market and the consumer of their product. As you can see anyone can avail the product even non-Christians.

The use of Christian book distributors for mass marketing is very efficient since the distributors aim is leveraged more on the quantity of their consumers. Distributors for Christian books do not really concern themselves with the type (or quality) of people that buy their products. Their aim is to sell as much as they can since it is what would be beneficial to them. Their revenue depend on the number of people that buy their products and most especially spreading the Christian life as told on their products definitely depends on the number of people that read their materials.

Finding the Best Christian Book Distributors

Most writers agree that getting published is easier said than done. For one, it necessitates a degree of knowledge and even expertise in marketing, so that submitting to publishers is nothing less than strategic. It may even need authors to develop persuasion in their writing skills, so that they can package their manuscripts in a way that will speak the language of the publishing companies. Getting familiarized with the standards of the various distributors can also help in shaping the manuscript, so that it grabs the attention of editors.

With the above challenges, writers may have noticed by now that it takes a proactive effort to get to the book distributors that they prefer. Randomly submitting sample chapters is an exercise of futility, not to mention, discouraging, because writers who do it this way are likely to get more rejection letters. So, the key is to be strategic in one’s search for possible distributors, which in the end is a wise and efficient use of one’s resources. Christian book distributors that are the best in the industry are often found in places that fellow authors also frequent.

Book fair event is the first stop for the writer. This is where publishers set up their booths, display their titles, and present their authors. It is a good place to find reputable book distributors that are potential partners in the immediate future. Authors are often present during these events for book signing, and they are good sources of information about a certain publisher or distributor, especially when it comes to how they compensate their writers and price their work.

Information on the best distributors is also found at a local bookstore’s bestsellers’ list. Writers, while they are still in the process of finishing their book projects, can already begin frequenting bookstores in their town or city and find more about their publishers and distributors. Asking around at bookstores may not be as fruitful as inquiring with authors at book singing or launching events. Nonetheless, bookshops are great places to find out the type of content that attracts today’s readers most.

Another place to find more authors and distributors are writing workshops, in which published writers facilitate sessions. It is the best avenue to draw out their experiences and insights, since they have been there. They may have some knowledge about what not to do when mailing manuscripts to Christian book distributors, and such pointers are most valuable to beginner writers. Representatives from publishers are sometimes present to entertain, not just questions, but also promising manuscripts from participating writers.

Conferences organized especially for publishing and distribution companies are affairs, where writers can meet with chief editors and decision makers, the best of what the industry has to offer. Getting tipped off on when and where the next conference can be researched online, and by signing up in publishers’ mailing list for weekly or monthly newsletters. Knowing and understanding the trends of the publishing industry can steer writers toward contents that will in people’s hands.

The Internet has a plethora of source listings that writers can take advantage for their book projects. It also gives access to a number of training opportunities, such as the FREE “Book Publishing Mini-Course”, under auspices of the Trinity Living Today.