BLACKPINK – WHISTLE (Line Distribution)

What do you think about this new girls and their line distribution?

Album: Square One (2016)

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Digital Movie Distribution For Independent Filmmakers

A lot independent filmmakers (myself included) and movie distributors have relied on DVD sales to survive in this business. With DVD sales in a steady decline that revenue stream is drying up. It could be premature to pronounce DVD dead as format, but it is fading away.

DVD sales are in a slump leaving independent filmmakers and distributors adrift at sea waiting for a lifeboat to rescue them. That lifeboat looks to be digital movie distribution. Slice Of Americana Films has jumped on board by signing a deal with Gravitas Ventures, a company that is focused on digital movie distribution. How does digital movie distribution differ from traditional distribution?

In my view traditional distribution is based on the old ways of movie distribution. The huge downside for independent filmmakers is the length of the contract they are asked to sign. Some distribution deals terms run as long as 25 years and include all possible distribution rights now or in the future. With the bright tech minds out there there will me many ways to distribute movies have not yet been invented, but will as movie technology continues expand. A 25-year movie distribution deal only favors the distributor’s interest, not that of the true independent filmmaker/.

Digital movie distribution offers more options to independent filmmakers and does not lock them in a deal that’s not in their best interest. I am not giving away any trade secrets. You can listen for yourself to Gravitas Ventures founder Nolan Gallagher speak in an interview with Movie Biz Coach about how their 2-year distribution deal works.

Independent filmmakers that want to take the self-distribution path I digital movie distribution is that golden ticket. I admit I am behind the times on how I view movies and TV shows. I still like to kick back at home watching a DVD I rented from Netflix. But as an independent filmmaker I know I need digital movie distribution to connect with viewers. My business partner Tim Beachum only watches movies and TV shows on a computer or mobile device. That digital market of viewers continues to grow every day with each new mobile device. I have to grow with it our Slice Of Americana Films will go the way of the 8 track.

To meet the demand for digital entertainment Slice Of Americana Films started to explore digital movie distribution outlets for content we created to totally self-distribute on our own. One we found is Digital Product Delivery. A very simple and easy way to self-distribute content digitally and payment is made through your PayPal account. The sweet part is we use Digital Product Delivery to distribute our short content that has been edited and produced strictly to distribute to a global mobile audience.

Digital movie distribution is an exciting platform to deliver entertainment to viewers. It does favor independent filmmakers in my opinion compared to traditional distribution deals. It gives independent filmmakers more control over the distribution process of their work. It’s really hands on.

From my experience once you sign a traditional distribution deal you are removed from the process as a filmmaker. They have their own marketing teams and rarely invite the filmmaker to be involved. It sounds crazy, but it’s been true for me. Keep in mind this is framed totally from one independent filmmaker’s viewpoint. What excites me about digital movie distribution is reaching more viewers instantly. I received an email last week from someone who downloaded a short Slice Of Americana Films released called Club Universe featuring Supermodel Joanna Krupa. The viewer was located in Nagoya, Japan. That blew my mind as an independent filmmaker. This is Sid Kali typing FADE OUT.

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TWICE – TT Line Distribution (Color Coded)

What is the line distribution like for Twice’s ‘TT’?

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Expected value of binomial distribution | Probability and Statistics | Khan Academy

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Probability and statistics on Khan Academy: We dare you to go through a day in which you never consider or use probability. Did you check the weather forecast? Busted! Did you decide to go through the drive through lane vs walk in? Busted again! We are constantly creating hypotheses, making predictions, testing, and analyzing. Our lives are full of probabilities! Statistics is related to probability because much of the data we use when determining probable outcomes comes from our understanding of statistics. In these tutorials, we will cover a range of topics, some which include: independent events, dependent probability, combinatorics, hypothesis testing, descriptive statistics, random variables, probability distributions, regression, and inferential statistics. So buckle up and hop on for a wild ride. We bet you’re going to be challenged AND love it!

About Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Our math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. We’ve also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content.

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Make Sure Your Article Distribution Service Gets the Job Done

You are thinking about a more efficient way to promote your affiliate business and you are considering article marketing. It’s an effective tool to promote your business if you choose a good article distribution service. Before you settle on a particular distribution service, do your homework and select the right one. In doing so, you increase your chances of net returns on investment you efforts.

As an affiliate marketer, you want to establish as many links back to your website as possible. Good article distribution services will do that for you. The key is to select a service that offers you quality human editing, and a broad category range of publishers. You also want one that allows you to submit unlimited articles. In addition, you want one that offers you Internet marketing and writing resources, as well as the ability to track your submissions.

When you compare article distribution services, choose one that offers human editing of your writing efforts. You want the assurance, from a qualified editor, that your articles are ready for publication. You do not want your articles going out to niche publishers not up-to-snuff quality-wise. That’s a sure recipe for rejection. This is a waste of your time and efforts.

A good article distribution service will give your articles the “critical eye” by a real person. A poor article distribution service will submit your article without giving it that detailed once over that ensures it is suitable for publication. You do not want automated submissions where there is no quality control from knowledgeable editors.

As you compare article distribution services, look for one that offers you unlimited article submission. When you pay a subscription fee to a service, you want to have the freedom to submit as many articles as you can. This way you can increase the number of web links you get out on the Internet.

A good article distribution service will set a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee and then let you submit unlimited articles during that subscription period. A poor article distribution will tell you that you can only submit so many articles for a price. You want to sign up with an article distribution service that allows you to write and submit to your heart’s content for a pre-determined one-time fee.

When looking for an article distribution service, consider one that offers the largest category list. You want to be able to choose from hundreds of niche publishers. You want categories and sub-categories offered to you that encompass a broad spectrum of unique publishers.

A good article distribution service will offer you this. A poor article distribution service will give you much fewer choices. Your articles have a specific focus, targeting a particular niche. You want the ability to submit your articles directly to a publisher within that niche. If you write an article on organic teas, you want to submit to a publisher who focuses his content to the organic food market. You do not want to be limited to only being able to submit to general interest magazines.

When you compare article distribution services for your article promotion campaign, choose one that offers additional resources for no fee. A good article distribution service will provide you resources to become a better writer and a better marketer. They will offer you podcasts, e-books, articles, and audio on demand to help you attain internet-marketing success.

A poor service will not offer you these “extras.” In addition, choose an article distribution service that allows you to track your article submissions. This way you can keep track of what you submitted and when. You can track when your automatic future distributions will go out to niche publishers. You can also track the exposure your articles are receiving.

There are key elements that make up a good article distribution service. The above points are things to consider when you begin the process of choosing a proper article distribution service. A service that offers you the above benefits is one that will get your content and web links the widespread exposure they need. This is what will drive traffic to your website. This is what will drive your affiliate marketing income to new levels.

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TWICE (트와이스) – Signal : Line Distribution (Color Coded)

******momo time is not actually 34s its 33s in one part i started the timmer too soon sorry xD*********
After making this video i was like “Omg this i missed something? This is too fair to be twice, jihyo and nayeon are not the first and second? MOMO IS THE SECOND?” but everything is correct, i’m pretty sure of it. Wow this was a really big plot twist for mim aha

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z-score Calculations & Percentiles in a Normal Distribution

z-score Calculations & Percentiles in a Normal Distribution

I show you how to calculate Z-scores and find areas under the bell curve…p-values. I will also show you how to find statistics from areas under the curve…such as quartiles.

You can find p-values with a calculator as well. This is what it looks like on a TI-NSPIRE
TI-NSPIRE Z score to Pval & Pval to Zscore NormCDF invNorm

Check out, there you will find my lessons organized by class/subject and then by topics within each class. Find free review test, useful notes and more at

What you need to see while hiring a Distribution Company

When you are looking for a distribution company, the hiring organizations must look into different variables. It is extremely essential to develop a thorough distribution strategy and then choose the distribution organization that has extensive researched information and experience about their customers’ industry. This will help the organizations in penetrating current markets easily and at the same time keeping their expenses minimized.

The chosen distribution company must be taught about the target markets that their clients want to consider and should be totally aware of the nature of products. Additionally, organizations ought to just select those distribution organizations that provide them better cost efficiencies and help them to find out the best combination between adjusting the expense and achieving the distribution channel targets.

The business companies focusing on hiring a distribution organization should always assess the chosen distribution organization and study their goals and financial status. Moreover, these organizations must also evaluate the level of channel control of the distribution company they have chosen and find out all about their past experiences within the industry. In terms of distribution, everything comes down to sales. Thus, the customers of a distribution firm must get some information about the past sales of these organizations. It would be great if they even see some documents relating to sales of different clients with which the distribution organization has worked with.

Like another business partner organization, the distribution organization that a brand has chosen must be credible. To affirm this, customers must do research on distributors properly and figure out data about issues like the cost at which their items are being sold by distribution company in the market along with other related issues. The distribution firm should additionally have proper channels through which they shall communicate with their customers and provide feedback for a certain product. The best place to research about a distribution company is no doubt the internet.

Organizations must go for the distribution companies that have transparent operations and activities. if you are using internet to hire a distributing company, you should always make sure that you have carefully analyzed all the legal documents of that company. The most common documents that you should see include bank account detail, trading license, business license and license for selling a company’s products.

Evaluating these and other pertinent information will help an organization to secure its position while hiring a distribution company. In addition to that, it will help in preventing the issues that may cause serious problems in the future dealings.

Dominic Reigns is the Team Lead of content writers at Researchomatic and he shares his experiences about distribution company

The Binomial Distribution / Binomial Probability Function

The Binomial Distribution / Binomial Probability Function.
In this video, I discuss what a binomial experiment is, discuss the formula for finding the probability associated with a binomial experiment, and do a concrete example which hopefully puts it all together!
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