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Beautiful and innovative multicolored rangoli | Creative rangoli designs by Poonam Borkar

Also watch my video below about what colors do I use and how to use rangoli tools :

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Spice beauty to your home with innovative home furniture

Furniture designs have touched the innovative side these days, previously the furniture was meant and designed mainly for utility purpose but these days the furniture have been given the innovative touch and made highly trendy to suit any type of usages. Thus the growing demand for the innovative home furniture has replaced the traditional home decors and the manufacturers are designing the furniture with innovative designs and looks. The trend keeps changing with the demanding needs of the present generation people. The innovative home furnitureis made of high quality materials like walnut, oak, rosewood, mahogany, rosewood or teakwood etc. These will easily withstand the fluctuating weather condition and these materials go well for making any type of home furniture like dining table, beds or sofa sets.

These innovative home furniture as per the latest trend will highlight the integral approach or lifestyle of the people. The furniture or the home décor is thus the way to show the modernization of the culture and the person. The present generation houses are so advanced and sophisticated that the old traditional or conventional home decors will not blend or match with the surrounding and hence you have to equip your house with the trendy home décor collections. This change is needed for your advanced home architecture background. The old furnishing has thus paved way for the innovative furniture and the classicism in the modernized furniture is being preferred by the present generation users. This type of home furniture has thus provided a distinctive and exceptional value for the money you have invested in the decors.

The changing needs of the people with respected to colors, designs, patterns and materials have thus incorporated the furniture world to come up with diverse variety of ranges that will suit for the homes, offices and corporate areas. The latest trend in the innovative home furniture is the usage of carved wood, teak and bamboo as these qualities are not only strong and durable but they are also in vogue. A perfect modern house is absolutely incomplete without the modern indoor furnishing, there are various kinds of furnishing items like the beds, dining table, room beds, bed sofa, utility tables, leather sofa, and antique sofa and so on and all these will give a trendy look for your home. The Wood furniture is the ultimate choice of millions of users as they are of the opinion that they are durable and will last for years together. This kind of furnishing is also exclusive and comes with high level of quality. The innovative home furniture will add elegance and spice up the beauty of your home. Many people are of the opinion that modern furniture looks only trendy and elegant but will not serve the purpose well, but this is not so as the furniture these days are useful and comes with multi functionality too. Creative manufactures are designing durable and stylish home decors and thus you will have a wide variety to choose from. These are not only stylish but also contemporary too.

Green Space Store Provides, the growing demand for the innovative home furniture has replaced the traditional home decors and the manufacturers are designing the furniture with innovative designs and looks.

Ideas In Achieving Innovative Business Plans

Innovation and invention are things which are commonly seen on computers and technologies, but as the world evolves, innovation is already used by companies to get an edge over rivals and to boost sales as well.

For centuries, businessmen did their share to attract new customers and to increase their sales by developing new and unique products and services. Small companies need innovation to compete with big and global firms. Bear in mind that innovation attracts new customers and increases sales. Due to stiff competition and pressure to get an edge over rival companies, innovation is encouraged inside the company. Positive motivation and encourage from top management stimulate the creative minds of young employees and inventors to think beyond the norms.

Creativity and innovation play a huge role in the success of companies. With business process and innovative ideas, new products are developed, core competencies are enhanced, efficiency is improved and profitability is increased. Despite the economic crisis lately, companies need to encourage innovative environment to survive. The stiff competition in the business sector makes innovative ideas more important.

To become profitable, one has to convert creative ideas to business practice. Technology, commitment and leadership are important in innovating new products and services. Remember that partnerships, joint ventures and synergism cannot close the innovation gap on their own, but it is core competencies and synergism within partnerships are the things needed for innovation to become successful. At present, selling innovative products with technology is the best method to gain competitive advantage in the global market. Regardless of the type of innovative products and services you have in mind, it should have the following criteria:

*Cost efficient and boost sales
*Effective in getting an edge over rival firms
*Lets customers save lots of money

Importance of innovation to companies:

*It improves productivity.
*It lowers production costs, thus business enterprises become more competitive.
*It boosts partnerships and relationships with employees, business partners, suppliers and even competitors.
*It improves indirect competition.

Because of the numerous benefits that companies get from innovation, they constantly find new methods and techniques to promote and to advance their brands. Most often, innovative ideas come in the form of new products and services, while in other cases it means changes on how companies does business with customers, suppliers and business partners.

Lack of innovative business ideas can lead to numerous disadvantages like:

*Companies can lose market shares to rival firms.
*Corporate productivity and efficiency can decrease, resulting to reduced profits.
*It can lead to employee turnover.
*Insolvency and bankruptcy

Remember that innovation is the blood that fuels life to business enterprises. Failure to create innovative products and services is comparable to putting poison to your system. If you want to live longer to see the fruits of business success, reach out, be creative and start innovating products and services. Do your share of research to find out how best you can meet the demands and needs of customers.

Mabel Miles likes to share information on quick business plan template and strategic plan as well as related business matters.

Increase Your Sales with Innovative Packaging Design

In today’s market especially with customers cutting back on spending, don’t deal or discount the significance of an innovative packaging marketing strategy. Don’t think as innovative packaging as an afterthought. Include your innovative packaging in parallel with your stuff development. This approach you can have actual brand cohesiveness from innovative packaging design to product. With the economic recession, private label items have availed market share at retail.

Customers are more willing to move from their charming brands for recession. The cognition among customers is that brand items are more costly than private label. With retailers concerned to increase their lagging sales, the possibility that private labels brand get perfect shelf space is becoming better. Taking advantage of this situation of time may need manufacturers to improve their packaging.

Innovative packaging design supports the product brand and in several cases makes the brand. Weather your packaging design is for the consumer or retail to business it’ll reflect the brand. Know your market in good manner and you’ll have perfect penetration. Also an excellent packaging design will continue to work for long years, building loyalty. So know your audiences well!

What are the key ideas for innovative packaging at the retail level?

* Firms with popular national brand picture are going to stay compatible across the region and from one shop to the next. The private labels brands don’t necessity to stay the same; virtually the chance is to tailor your innovative packaging design to fit the retail demographics outlet. You can build a “price leader” picture for your retail outlet while building a more “specialized” picture for the higher end retail stores.

* In a retail shops, you should understand the competition in eye view of the consumers. Your stuff needs to stand-out from your competition.

* The considerations packaging will build a “double look” by the consumers.

* Apparently highlight the revenues. You only have some time to attract and hold a shoppers attention; your unique and innovative selling points must apparently come through in order for a consumers to choose your brand’s product. Emotional impact is essential.

* Once your item is purchased, the user experience with the innovative packaging can make sale. Packages that boost the storage and usability of the product will give them cause to return. On the other hand, innovative packages that are hard to store, hard to open, or enable damage to the contents will secure you will not have a repeat profits.

* You should learn the environment, local and international politics, economy can all sway shopper decisions. Paying aware to these trends along with your profits can avoid catastrophes or exploit opportunities.

With so many products available in the market, innovative packaging design is as essential as ever. Package design ought to be integrated into a brand’s product marketing and advertising strategy. Innovative product packaging design can improved profitability and create higher customer demand. For more information about At

Must watch .!!! Exam cheating technology in japan- Funny and Innovative

Funny and innovative video describes superb techniques used by a Japanese students to copy and cheat during exams. Must watch .!!!
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iPhone 8 – Innovative Screen

iPhone 8 - Innovative Screen


The next iPhone need to be innovative and the main part is the screen! new amazing concept shows the next generation of the iPhone device, the iPhone 7 with two screens.

Video by Ran Avni.

The next iPhone will come with ( According to the concept ):
– 4.9 inch Full HD Sapphire front display, wrap around screen
– The next operating system of Apple, iOS 9
– Capacitive home button and Touch ID sensor with 700 dpi pixel density
– NFC sensor and bluetooth 4.2
– Apple A9 chip quad-core 1.8 GHz with 2x faster GPU
– 13 MP rear camera, 2k@30fps, 1080p@120-480fps
– 2260 mAh battery with light indicator around the lightning connector

The concept was created by Iskander Utebaev and Ran Avni.

The concept in Behance:


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