Onine Retail Answering Service

You know you need to hire an outside online retail answering service when your own answering service, which provides support for your Web site sales, isn’t providing the speed or range of services you need. You have a dandy Web site, which lets your customers buy directly online or through a phone call. Your CSRs know your business, but the organization of your answering service isn’t up to the complex response that your Web site requires. An online retail answering service can perform many tasks, each requiring experience and training you might not be willing or able to provide.

There are many services that an online retail answering service can provide to supplement even a sophisticated E-commerce Web site, among them special event registration, dealer location and referrals, order-taking and tracking, and multiple forms of customer interaction.

Special Event Registration and the Online Retail Answering Service

The logistics of booking and confirming a special event require confirmation calls or letters and registration packets. The online retail answering service carries these logistical balls across the goal line – the successful special event, seminar, or class. The online retail answering service solves the logistical problems and guest confirmation details involved with event registration.

Dealer Location and Referrals and the Online Retail Answering Service

The online retail answering service can transfer customers looking for a referral to a dealer in your area and line of work. A superior online retail answering service can even transfer calls live.

Let the Online Retail Answering Service Take Your Order!

The online retail answering service can do a lot more than just take a caller’s order. Well-trained CSRs can precisely track advertising responses, as well as do literature fulfillment, inventory control, catalog order fulfillment, and credit-card transaction processing. A good online retail answering service can also steer callers to different or more profitable products.

The Full Suite of Online Retail Answering Services

The fully equipped online retail answering service can also manage customer interactions through chat, email, and telephone web integration. Taken together, these services are daunting to implement on your own; through an outside online retail answering service, they’re a breeze!

Your Own Online Retail Answering Service

If your needs are still simple, you may prefer to have your own online retail answering service. Your own online retail answering service, one like 1-800 We Answer, will have some or all of the features of the outside online retail answering service.

The online retail answering service lets CSRs analyze calls from individuals who have seen your Web site and have specific needs that aren’t outlined there, such as questions about differences among products and the suitability of a specific product to their needs. You can then start to supplement the core functions of the online retail answering service with some of the subtleties listed above. The online retail answering service supplements your Web site with skilled purveyors of information that helps your customers buy.

Robert Porter is the President and CEO of 1-800 We Answer, a full service telecommunications company providing a complete range of answering service, call center, voice mail, fax, mail,telemarketing and phone system services to businesses and individuals.

Go Deep and Wide with Your Article Distribution Service

The sheer number of informational articles available online is overwhelming. So many people consider themselves “experts” on certain subject matter, readers often have a difficult time finding the information they seek. That’s where going deep and wide will help you get the best distribution for continuous and never ending distribution; and the most targeted traffic to your website.

Get the Most Exposure for Your Articles

What is reach and how does it affect your article distribution? Reach is defined as the virtual area your articles extend to. Your reach may extend to thousands of websites, but is that helping get the most out of your articles? How many article directories should you submit your articles to?

Article distribution is a lot like network television. Major networks show a wide variety of niche television shows because their target audiences vary so greatly. Networks that focus on a primary niche, like sports, don’t receive the same number of viewers but the target audience is more satisfied with the results.

The Importance of Depth

Targeted category placement puts your articles in a specific niche area in the article publisher’s website. Readers looking for specific information in your niche will dive deeply for the information they require. Deep article placement helps guarantee continuous and never ending distribution. Readers may have to dig deeper to get to your article, but in the long run, they feel that the specific information was well worth it.

An added benefit to deep article placement is positive relevancy. Your article is placed in a category that is specifically relevant to its content. Link relevancy is one of the most important things search engines look at when they determine your page rank and valid popularity links. Publishing your articles deep and wide ensures that your web address circulates continuously.

Get the Longest Lasting Exposure for Your Articles

Article directories often accept articles of all shapes and sizes. Some have no quality control in place to ensure that your article will even be read by people who need the information it contains. What happens if you submit articles to one directory and it goes offline? None of your articles or back links work if your article isn’t online. Article distribution services publish your articles to a broad number of trusted article directories.

Your best bet is to choose an article distribution service that has a proven track record for success. Shop around; find out the best price for distribution and make sure the company has been around for a few years. Successful article marketers didn’t find success over night. It takes hard work and dedication on your behalf to find the article distributor that works for you.

Width, Depth and Never Ending Distribution

Manual article distribution takes hours. Many authors stick to the idea of publishing to only a few hundred article directories so they can control the quality of directories where their articles are published.

While this will create a few hundred back links, a good article distribution service submits articles to thousands of publishers while maintaining the quality you deserve. The cost involved in hiring an article distribution service is minimal when you consider the amount of time and effort it would take to manually publish to thousands of directories.

Article distribution services vary almost as widely as article directories themselves. Only a few really stand out and take extra measures to ensure your article receives the attention it deserves.

Article marketing is the number one way to show your readers that you are an expert in your niche. When you’re looking for the best article distribution service for continuous and never ending distribution; go to one that offers deep and wide distribution to quality publishers.

Chris Ellington is CEO of IPNM, the parent company of Article Marketer: first choice for article distribution by article marketers around the world.

Article Marketer Press Release: 200 Millionth Article Distribution

Make Sure Your Article Distribution Service Gets the Job Done

You are thinking about a more efficient way to promote your affiliate business and you are considering article marketing. It’s an effective tool to promote your business if you choose a good article distribution service. Before you settle on a particular distribution service, do your homework and select the right one. In doing so, you increase your chances of net returns on investment you efforts.

As an affiliate marketer, you want to establish as many links back to your website as possible. Good article distribution services will do that for you. The key is to select a service that offers you quality human editing, and a broad category range of publishers. You also want one that allows you to submit unlimited articles. In addition, you want one that offers you Internet marketing and writing resources, as well as the ability to track your submissions.

When you compare article distribution services, choose one that offers human editing of your writing efforts. You want the assurance, from a qualified editor, that your articles are ready for publication. You do not want your articles going out to niche publishers not up-to-snuff quality-wise. That’s a sure recipe for rejection. This is a waste of your time and efforts.

A good article distribution service will give your articles the “critical eye” by a real person. A poor article distribution service will submit your article without giving it that detailed once over that ensures it is suitable for publication. You do not want automated submissions where there is no quality control from knowledgeable editors.

As you compare article distribution services, look for one that offers you unlimited article submission. When you pay a subscription fee to a service, you want to have the freedom to submit as many articles as you can. This way you can increase the number of web links you get out on the Internet.

A good article distribution service will set a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee and then let you submit unlimited articles during that subscription period. A poor article distribution will tell you that you can only submit so many articles for a price. You want to sign up with an article distribution service that allows you to write and submit to your heart’s content for a pre-determined one-time fee.

When looking for an article distribution service, consider one that offers the largest category list. You want to be able to choose from hundreds of niche publishers. You want categories and sub-categories offered to you that encompass a broad spectrum of unique publishers.

A good article distribution service will offer you this. A poor article distribution service will give you much fewer choices. Your articles have a specific focus, targeting a particular niche. You want the ability to submit your articles directly to a publisher within that niche. If you write an article on organic teas, you want to submit to a publisher who focuses his content to the organic food market. You do not want to be limited to only being able to submit to general interest magazines.

When you compare article distribution services for your article promotion campaign, choose one that offers additional resources for no fee. A good article distribution service will provide you resources to become a better writer and a better marketer. They will offer you podcasts, e-books, articles, and audio on demand to help you attain internet-marketing success.

A poor service will not offer you these “extras.” In addition, choose an article distribution service that allows you to track your article submissions. This way you can keep track of what you submitted and when. You can track when your automatic future distributions will go out to niche publishers. You can also track the exposure your articles are receiving.

There are key elements that make up a good article distribution service. The above points are things to consider when you begin the process of choosing a proper article distribution service. A service that offers you the above benefits is one that will get your content and web links the widespread exposure they need. This is what will drive traffic to your website. This is what will drive your affiliate marketing income to new levels.

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