The 15 Characteristics of Effective Entrepreneurs

What makes an entrepreneur really tick? Here are some answers. Read more at:

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19 replies
  1. Jason M
    Jason M says:

    These characteristics are very vague and could apply to anyone who accommodates certain situations with these characteristics

  2. Jarred Cox
    Jarred Cox says:

    Most of these describe me i,ve even been developing some concepts for better space travel. Im only 15 though and its been hard but im not giving up.

  3. margaret ngundo
    margaret ngundo says:

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  4. Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher says:

    I think for me it's not about large cash flow, at least for now. There are entrepreneurs who want to make a living doing business locally. With passion and a lot of hard and challenging work at times. But ultimately maintain and build on that sustainable living away from the normal 9-5 office slavery. I detest agencies with respect

  5. Lorena Garcia
    Lorena Garcia says:

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