The 71 Most AMAZING Innovations of All Time

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Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written: by Rachel Salt and Mitchell Moffit
Illustrated: by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot


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17 replies
  1. papaclanc
    papaclanc says:

    Love your videos, but the word is "undoubtedly." Please don't say "undoubtably."

    Feel free to say "redoubtably," though. lol

  2. Winser21
    Winser21 says:

    1. Language
    2. Controlling Fire
    3. Agriculture
    4. The Plow
    5. The Sailboat
    6. Glass
    7. The Nail
    8. Cement
    9. The Wheel
    10. Soap
    11. Computer (Abacus)
    12. Paper
    13. Printing Press
    14. Library
    15. The Alphabet
    16. Modern Number System
    17. Democracy
    18. The Scientific Method
    19. The Compass
    20. Arcemedes Screw
    21. The Clock
    22. Gregorian Calendar
    23. Eyeglasses
    24. Telescope
    25. Microscope
    26. Copernicus' System
    27. Steam Engines
    28. Combustion Engine
    29. Binary Numbers
    30. Bullion Logic
    31. Physics
    32. Special Relativity
    33. General Relativity
    34. Quantum Theory
    35. Vaccines
    36. Water Purifications
    37. Food Preservation
    38. The Camera
    39. Wireless Telegraph
    40. Telephone
    41. Radio Waves
    42. Radio
    43. Television
    44. Anestesia
    45. Antiseptic
    46. Sanitation
    47. Refrigerator
    48. The Lightbulb
    49. Capacitor
    50. Modern Car
    51. Airplane
    52. Semiconductors
    53. Transistors
    54. The Electron
    55. The Atom
    56. Nitrogen Fixation
    57. Plant Breeding
    58. Antibiotics
    59. Birth Control
    60. Polyethylene
    61. DNA
    62. Genetic Engineering
    63. Genome Sequencing
    64. Satellite
    65. The Internet
    66. The Personal Computer
    67. GPS
    68. Mobile Phone
    69. Space Exploration
    70. First Moon Landing
    71. Hubble Telescope

  3. TheGamingApple
    TheGamingApple says:

    The Ancient Egyptians thought the god of creation created all water in the world by masturbating and…leaking so basically 75% of the world and your body is created out of sperm….. Knowledge isn't always facinating

  4. Wicked_ _Styx
    Wicked_ _Styx says:

    I'm not sure "radio waves" can be classified as an invention because we discovered, not invented them. (Number 41)


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