The Binomial Distribution / Binomial Probability Function

The Binomial Distribution / Binomial Probability Function.
In this video, I discuss what a binomial experiment is, discuss the formula for finding the probability associated with a binomial experiment, and do a concrete example which hopefully puts it all together!
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  1. ajit b
    ajit b says:

    thanks buddy…u have no idea how much this video helped me at 4a.m in the morning.Thankyou again.

  2. Connor Butt
    Connor Butt says:

    do you have a video showing how to calculate the probability of an exact amount of successes or more?

  3. Mechelle Johnson
    Mechelle Johnson says:

    Why do you stop at 7 when you're evaluating 10! ? I thought it goes 10*9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1

  4. yevgeniy simonov
    yevgeniy simonov says:

    Thank you sir. Your example was very helpful and helped me to understand the Binomial Distribution more in-depth.

  5. Santosh Pandey
    Santosh Pandey says:

    Sir…first of all.. hats off for ur dedication… sir I just wanna know…y they gave that statement… that if he answers by 'Guessing' does it affects actually ?

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