The future of tail light innovation today. BMW organic light OLED.

BMW M GmbH will be launching a production model featuring OLED technology in the near future.
It’s time to take a closer look at this innovative technology.
The BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights is already equipped with OLED rear lights. OLED stands for organic light-emitting diodes.
OLEDs produce light from wafer-thin semiconducting layers of organic material.
For the first time, both the tail lights and rear direction indicators feature OLED technology. The illuminated surfaces are positioned to produce a three-dimensional lighting effect. OLEDs also take up less space due to their thin size.
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  1. jerolvilladolid
    jerolvilladolid says:

    Honestly I don't like these new BMW's, they're too expensive and you'll be scared everytime you go into a parking space. I like the old cars like the E39 better because they are also stylish and reliable!

  2. Antoniu Vida
    Antoniu Vida says:

    this is AUDI idea please don t make me seek audi presented this loong time ago just see the date on the AUDI presentation

  3. bmused55
    bmused55 says:

    Can BMW please set up their back light tech to turn the sunbright brake lights off after the idiot Driver has been sitting with his foot on the brake for 5 minutes in a traffic jam in the dark?

  4. sherlock tang
    sherlock tang says:

    Just remember, the more complicated a car is/the more features a car has …the more shit it will break and the  more money you gotta pay to fix.

  5. Travis Dezellem
    Travis Dezellem says:

    And of course only the people at BMW would have tail light technology they probably spent 10 years just on a bulb it's a potty that they make the cars impossible to own


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