The Greatest Innovation in Firearms in 150 Years (Maybe)

Shell Shock Technologies asked us to perform a field test on their NAS3 next generation shell casings. In an industry that innovation is relatively slow, this is a potential game changer and could easily replace the current technology. In this video we catalog our 1000 round test using the Angstadt Arms UDP-9. The purpose of this test is to determine if the two part case will separate under heavy use.

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Firearm used, Angstadt Arms UDP-9

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Tech reports:

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12 replies
  1. lebomm johnson
    lebomm johnson says:

    A whole lot of blather and diddly-squat for information. Big talk about this innovative, revolutionary new case construction, and not a single word of results after firing 1000 rds of it in commercials for the gun, the magazines, and your gravel supplier. This vid FAILS !

  2. TheMaximumTroll
    TheMaximumTroll says:

    A secondary firing mod would be nice. A double barreled AR would be cool; run out of ammo, flip a switch and I got 30 more rounds!

  3. Phil Verhey
    Phil Verhey says:

    jump to 2:46 to skip all the crap
    …. and onto the part where you see his poor wittle brain struggle with what's written on the paper he's attempting to read.

    AKA: his PSA to youtubers on why you should tale the time to do multiple 'takes' and review each before making the other, when making a video… until you have 2 that you're happy with.

  4. Jerre Geary
    Jerre Geary says:

    Without giving away my design idea, I can tell you that you should see in the next two years a semi-auto pistol innovation that will change the pistol manufacturing industry. I just recently retired and am now working on this design full time. A design that came to me roughly 25 years ago and still has not been developed or incorporated into any pistol or rifle design to this day. I have looked at designs for the past 130 years and have not found anything like it.
    It is a locked blow-back system for large caliber ammunition with only one moving part. This means that there is no longer any need for a toggling, tilting, camming, or rotating of the barrel to allow for the safe release of gas pressure and the subsequent ejection of the cartridge. Pistols are always going to be more accurate out of the box with fixed barrels. So, it’s a simplified large caliber (9mm and above) locked blow-back design with a fixed barrel. Pistol enthusiasts love innovation, quality, functionality, and accuracy. I’m going to build two prototypes; one styled somewhat like Italian Benelli (it also has a fixed barrel) and the other one with a heavily raked grip like the Luger. When you see one of my designs you will recognize it right away by looking at the ejection port.


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