The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Seconds- Best Motivational Video for Entrepreneurs

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Script – What Most Don’t See by Patrick Bet-David:

Most people only pay attention to the final product of a
successful entrepreneur.
They say things like, “ I can never be like them” or “they got lucky”.
What most don’t see, is what they’ve overcome.
All the struggles, the daily rejections, the heart aches…
the betrayals, the rumors, the criticism…
the empty bank account, and all those lonely nights while trying to make their vision a reality.
You see the only difference between the one who quits and the one who doesn’t is
that they showed up every day,
they worked hard every day,
they hustled every day,
they learned from a proven mentor every day,
they improved every day;
They did all this even though they felt like quitting every day.
And eventually,
they became who they are today.

Crew and Cast:

Producer: Patrick Bet-David
Lead Actor: Patrick Bet-David
Narrator: Patrick Bet-David
Director and Editor: Paul Escarcega
Director of Photography: Ilya Chegodar
Behind the Scenes Director of Photography: Tigran Bekian
RED Camera Operator: Martin Lasa
Gaffer: Phil Masters
Valet Actor: Nick Schmidt
Other Actors: Tom Ellsworth, Tigran Bekian, Mario Aguilar, Paul Escarcega
Valuetainment Staff: Tigran Bekian, Mario Aguilar, Paul Escarcega To see more videos from Entrepreneur Network partner, Patrick Bet-David check out VALUETAINMENT
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13 replies

    I recently embarked on a career change and am now pursuing my passion for robots.
    At times It's a struggle as a lot of my family think it's a pipe dream.
    It can be demoralising when you keep facing negativity, but it makes me more determined to succeed.
    It's good to listen to your video's as I'm a firm believer in surrounding yourself with positive energy, and you certainly exude this. Great videos. Thank you.

  2. Gio Iberi
    Gio Iberi says:

    I`ve seen quite a few of these motivational videos and to tell you the truth I like them, because they motivate people to try something newer in their lives, to overcome difficulties, to build their confidence and bring their self-esteem up to where it belongs. But one of the crucial points all these motivational videos fail to mention is that, not everyone is born with equal abilities so subsequently chances aren`t for everyone. What would be achievable for, it would be a mission impossible for you.For instance take school, there are always a few very talented pupils who pass exams with flying colors and a whole bunch of low-graded ones, and this works everywhere, in sports, politics, etc. No matter how hard you try, if you`re not talented, you`re going nowhere. Of course hard work and dedication will give you tangible results but you won`t get " there ".

  3. RelaxyFuzz
    RelaxyFuzz says:

    One question, please…"they showed up every day", but exactly for how many days? I mean, how can you be sure that you're not going in a wrong direction?

  4. Michael Hurdle Production Studio
    Michael Hurdle Production Studio says:

    Holy crap that was well put together! That shit touched my heart son. Gives me that extra mental boost for the day.


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