The Lighting Rep and the Distributor.mp4

A Lighting Representative deals with an Electrical Distributor.

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  1. Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo
    Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo says:

    yeah, this is pretty much it, excepting it needs maybe 3 or 4 more people: the contractor, the sub-contractor, the mfr., etc. – i worked in music retail for 20 yrs. with teenagers and arrested dev. adults (most on drugs) and it wasn't this stupid crazy.

  2. RetroJoe
    RetroJoe says:

    This sounds more like a conversation between the contractor and the distributor. I know which lighting manufacturer has a factory in Georgia…. 🙂

  3. LightingDistributor
    LightingDistributor says:

    Clearly this is a conversation resulting from a GC making job completion date promises with no point of reference! Like real lead times on all the material ?!?!
    STOP blaming the distributors!

  4. Kevin Gettmann
    Kevin Gettmann says:

    To all you contractors out there who think this is funny….I'd love to have some compassion for you but when you try to sub the agents spec's with cheap imported Chinese lighting, this is what you get. When will you learn? I guess this is what Overage is for….it's called payment for having to deal with your crap when you screw up and order the fixtures late and then blame the agent. I just hammered a guy for $9k in overage for trying this trick last month. Thanks sucker!

  5. Jarod Evans
    Jarod Evans says:

    Don't forget the other popular comment about how people are standing around at the job site with nothing to do waiting on these lights.

  6. Steven Leuck
    Steven Leuck says:

    After bypassing the rep and going directly to the manufacturer to expedite a shipment after I found out the rep lied to me and forgot to enter the order he told me he hoped the truck flipped on it's side and rolled off a mountain.
    But, I guess that would have been hard to work into this expertly crafted script. It wasn't like listening to computer generated actors reading their lines — it was right out of the real life drama (read: "insane comedy") that happens here every day! ';-)

  7. Amanda Jean
    Amanda Jean says:

    This could also be between the distributor or contractor and the manufacturer. It's my favorite thing ever to say…no. It will be 7-10 BUSINESS days. 🙂 It's never their fault. Ever. They never plan ahead!!


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