The Poisson Distribution

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In this video, I briefly discuss a situation that can be modeled by a Poisson Distribution, give the formula, and do a simple example illustrating the Poisson Distribution.
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  1. jwhistler2005
    jwhistler2005 says:

    For those who are still confused, "2!" is the "factorial of 2"… A factorial of any number is simply the product of all whole numbers up to that factorial. 2!=1*2=2; 3!=1*2*3=6; 4!=1*2*3*4=24 … 0! & 1! both = 1.

  2. bfortner100
    bfortner100 says:

    Can you help? I'm trying to find out the probabilities around infrequent occurrences, as well as their confidence levels. For example: A spear fisherman is routinely the same distance from the same size and species of fish. He fails to spear one on the first 19 tries. At this point, can we say with a certain amount of confidence anything about his probability of success? On the twentieth try he spears a fish. What can we say then? Maybe 5% probability, but with what confidence Interval? Does Poisson address this?


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