Top 10 Retail Ripoffs

Top 10 Retail Ripoffs: You may think you’re getting a great deal, but you could actually be getting ripped off. Let’s reveal the 10, all time top retail ripoffs.

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16 replies
  1. Mordant221
    Mordant221 says:

    Unless you're sick, the only drugs you should rely on is caffeine and alcohol. One to keep you up, the other to keep others interesting.

  2. Yexin
    Yexin says:

    6$ for one popcorn! Thats cheap compared to Norway, here one medium size popcorn costs about 120kr or about 14$ or 9£

  3. Ashley ASHLEYM
    Ashley ASHLEYM says:

    Women aren't being ripped off, they're just too stupid and their femininity is too fragile to just buy the original version.

  4. Elizabeth Shaw
    Elizabeth Shaw says:

    I don't buy all that woman's Beauty shit I buy shampoo and that's it. I buy nothing to put on my face no lotion and the only way I get good makeup is Birchbox that's it.


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