TOXIC Broadhead! Flying Arrow Archery’s 6-Bladed Innovation

For more information about the TOXIC broad head (beware the cheap knockoffs that are priced in the -15/pack range):

For information about the PSE TAC15 Tactical Assault Crossbow:

For information about the Hickory Creek Vertical Crossbow:

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    i dunno i just watched a guy who made a glass arrowhead and shot it into ballistic jell and the arrow came right out the back at least 8 inches

  2. Sheldon Winter soldier
    Sheldon Winter soldier says:

    Not more cutting its where u cut a major vein or the heart .like if u shot a deer in the hind quarter vrs forward shoulder .its not where u cut but what .right .in Maine where I live we have seer ten laws on broad heads .i killed a 10 pt 210 lbs buck rifle season with a 100 grain thunder head conpleatly inbeded in the back bone .an had healed around it .an he ran out checking does .i couldn't tell there way any thing wrong with him .untill I was cutting off him tenderloins an my blade hit it .nice Video


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