Transcend The Boundaries Of The World With Innovative Musical Instruments

Indian music is steeped in rich culture and heritage, with music being the ultimate vessel which brought people close together. Various Indian Gods and Goddesses engaged in playing divine music on various musical instruments, which entranced the common folks and filled them with wonder. The Bansuri of Krishna, the Damru of Lord Shiva and the Veena of Goddess Saraswati – are the ultimate classifications of winds, percussions and strings respectively. Rikhi Ram Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., is the leading Innovative Musical Instruments Store in India, which are perfectly and expertly crafted by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, giving you the ultimate experience in Quality music. Compose a soulful piece on a Rikhi Ram’s Innovative Musical Instrument.

We have so many innovative musical instruments, that would act as a vessel which would aptly manifest your inner turbulence and fervor, which would definitely be a transcendental experience for your audience. In String Instruments, we have various types of Sitars, Guitars, Tanpuras, Tambooris, Sarods, Santoors, Swar Mandal and Surbahar; Our Percussions portfolio includes various types of Tablas, Naal, Pakhwaj, Dholak and Bhangra Dholak. We have flutes and Shehnai as wind instruments; various ranges of Harmoniums in the Keyboard classification and we offer some truly innovative musical Instruments in the form of Box Tanpura, Traveling Sarod, Travelling Guitar, Mohan Veena, Swar Sangam, Geetanjali Sitar, Electric Sitar, Hansa Veena and Ovation Surbahar. Get ready, for an otherworldly experience.

This company shares the eponymous name of its creator, Pandit Rikhi Ram. He was an extremely talented musician, and had shown his keen interest in his father’s, Pandit Gobind Ram, vocation of making these wonder innovative musical Instruments. Manufacturing and selling Musical Instruments is not a business, it’s service to humanity and advocates of peace. His son, Pandit Bhishan Dass Sharma followed his father in this entrancing world of music, who under the tutelage of world-renowned Sitar Maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar, became a virtuous Sitar player. We grafted Pandit Ravi Shankar’s musical instruments, and he always commented on the better tonal quality of our innovative musical instruments. Various extremely talented musicians, make our instruments as a channel, to capture the imagination of the audience.

Hugely successful and the world-famous Beatles also made it a point to visit our facility in Connaught Place, on their maiden visit to India, while on a World Tour. Today, the journey at Rikhi Ram Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., is being ably carried forward by Ajay Sharma. Our instruments are of the highest quality, used for producing godly music by various consummate musicians and artists displaying a great virtuosity.

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