Üo – innovative 360° scooter that rides on a ball

Üo – innovative 360° scooter that rides on a ball – now on Kickstarter

Get out of the house this summer and have fun!

Enjoy the Üo. Now on Kickstarter. Delivery starts this summer!
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  1. martibaixas
    martibaixas says:

    Hi Olaf! are you still developing the project?
    it is a very interesting scooter, I wold ike to talk to you, about it.

  2. Donna G
    Donna G says:

    Use a bigger ball,self balance, and make it a like a scooter with a seat that can adjust from standing or sitting. It can make tighter turns in small areas like in crowds.

    {FIRST_NAME} {LAST_NAME} says:

    Für die Produktion muss der Antrieb aber wesentlich kleiner werden… Am besten so, dass es wie ein Melonenhut aussieht, der über den Ball gestülpt ist.

  4. A K
    A K says:

    Gute Idee, aber es muss noch etwas schneller fahren. Haben Sie das Üo schon mal bergauf probiert? Und wie lange würde der Akku halten, oder was erhoffen Sie sich im finalen Produkt?

  5. Ekaterina Lebina
    Ekaterina Lebina says:

    HI, I’m a copyright producer on RT.com, Ekaterina.
    Are you the owner of the video?
    May we please use it with credit to you on all RT.com and RBTH.com platforms ?
    Thank you very much in advance!

  6. Aydin Kasimkhan
    Aydin Kasimkhan says:

    Oh I see you have company on kickstarter. Will u improve design (or at least hide engine) and do something with voice ?

  7. Moe Lester
    Moe Lester says:

    Is the stick/pole really needed, could the joystick be wireless? Can the ball roll be let roll freely if i'm going downhill? Maybe even charge battery when slowing down? Anyway, looks like a damn good fun, wish I had the money to buy it.

  8. Kaiser Basileus
    Kaiser Basileus says:

    The awkwardness of the standing position and the control bar will need to be redesigned. And why not have a seat and a wireless controller?

  9. Mukul Suryawanshi
    Mukul Suryawanshi says:

    Whoa…this is quite something! Except for the irritating noise it makes, it's amazing. Can you please explain how it balances itself and how is the sphere attached to the machine?


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