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https://youtu.be/gk5byUCxPBgJoker Mickey Mouse Funny Shark Prank Story
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  1. drurry nuff'said
    drurry nuff'said says:

    Ziggy Schumann
    ever put two fruit flies in a bottle with a small piece of banana , a lid full of water and cover it with cheese cloth, and wait a couple weeks. First a few flies, then a bunch of flies then a million flies, then all dead.
    Or you could use a basement and mice and feed them all they want. They like humans or any other species need a proper environment for breeding, once it is under way they then must look for more resources , or die. Upstairs might be a good place.
    I think Ziggy doesn't understand Nature very well.

  2. chilled99
    chilled99 says:

    For real how does being vegan matter to this video? Dude isn't eating those rats, its pest control. If the rats don't like it they can fuck off back outside into nature. Step inside a humans home, you live under humans rule. If I tried to live in a rat hole the rats would probably fuck me up too


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