Watch Dogs 2 PS4 E3 Demo vs Retail Graphics Comparison

Watch Dogs 2 PS4 E3 Demo vs Retail Graphics Comparison

Original Watch Dogs went down in gamig history as one of the greatest dissapointment due to its graphical downgrade. Now since Watch Dogs 2 has already been released we have great opportunity to check ho the game looks today in confrontation wit E3 Demo.
Please note that due to dynamic weather and time running much faster than it demo it was not 100% possible to replicate the same conditions as in E3 demo, however I tried my best (including waiting until nightfall – in game of course) and here are the results. What do you guys think of it?
As always all thumbs up, shares, comments and subscriptions would be highly appreciated.

E3 2016 PS4 Gameplay:
Music: Cielo by Huma-Numa

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  1. Melvin Jr.
    Melvin Jr. says:

    another one of ubisoft's fuck up. As you can see, the shadows in the e3 is so much better than the one in retail. Fuck! when will ubisoft learn their mistake!!!??

  2. hussar16
    hussar16 says:

    bullshots from ubisoft again, the e3 footage was clearly on pc not ps4, nice downgrade on retail version

    BIGROD says:

    FUCK SAKE UBISOFT YEP Im not gonna buy another ubisoft game except Assassin's creed i dont care its downgraded

  4. # CamPingWJoei
    # CamPingWJoei says:

    Downgradesoft Will never Learn from their mistakes….Well its clear If you keep buying their shit After 3 years of false advertisement then your just a idiot

  5. Skyrilla
    Skyrilla says:

    I wonder if the bigger youtubers aren't reporting this because of fears of being called ''RACISSSTTT!!!'' if they're criticizing the game.


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