Welcome to Silicon Valley

We want to bring you behind the scenes, show you what really happens in Silicon Valley’s backstage and give you the insider perspective on how it feels to start a company here. Welcome to Silicon Valley! More info here: http://bit.ly/w2sv

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  1. Shelton Lee
    Shelton Lee says:

    Overrated, cause of exploded cost of living. Florida is just as nice to live, but of course it's not software industry there. My family member lives in the ocean side in FL and it's amazing there and cost of living is fraction of SV. She makes very good money too. I know this video is not just about living in the city but I've heard from people that it's not so exciting and amazing as they portray in these vids.

  2. pablo cruz
    pablo cruz says:

    all these brilliants minds should come up with an idea about two crutial things for our humans fellows: 1-clean water for everyone, 2-food for every one. solving those 2 problems requires the most brilliants minds in the planet.


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