What is leadership?

What is leadership?

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  1. Md Momin Shakil Ranto
    Md Momin Shakil Ranto says:

    you do not knoew about the leadership .if you want to learn more about leadership then search rafiqul amin

  2. Lucille Green
    Lucille Green says:

    my father served at Fort Knox Kentucky he took the 3rd Armored Division Germany last part of World War II he was in the Navy then Korean conflict and in Vietnam he was in he was a sergeant in Vietnam he was one of the first black in the United States of America he was in the Army when the Army was indiscriminate you know wasn't subrogated and then hit the last part of his army career they were suffocated oh yeah and Obama you signed his death certificate he signed his letter he died in 2010 and 10 he's buried at Georgia National Cemetery he was a minister in Louisville Kentucky


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