What They Don’t Teach in Business School about Entrepreneurship

Part of 2010 Conference on Entrepreneurship.
Description: A group of entrepreneurs talk about what they learned in the trenches that they never could have learned in a classroom. The panelists will also share the courses that were most helpful to them in their entrepreneurial ventures, the courses that they wished they had taken, and the topics that business schools should be teaching to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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12 replies
  1. Andy Anderson
    Andy Anderson says:

    I find it interesting that Apple took a fall with Newton, anyone who studied gravity should have seen that coming.

  2. George S.
    George S. says:

    I am in the process of incorporating my startup and have no formal business education. I certainly have the idea, drive and desire, so hopefully it works for me!

  3. KLKMedia
    KLKMedia says:

    The only limits are the ones you put on yourself, I left school at 16 with no GCSE's into a cleaners job, then became a sales person. After a while they wouldnt upgrade me to a manager and I realized i had been typecast so I began to network on my own. 2 month's later I had made a connection on LinkedIn and was working at a new job where I make alot more money and within the next 2 years I will be creating my own business with capital of friends I have made through this job, you are lazy.excuses

  4. god only knows
    god only knows says:

    The panel are typicaly american. There idea of how to sell is nice and fluffy. There say to get sales experience just go and do such and such. The panel dont seem to realise that you get quickly type cast into sales and therefor never get out and management in the uk dont see you as managerial material if you have done sales before. The panel have largly jumped in at the top of the management ladder and have no idea of us at the bottom trying to work up and get skills and contacts doing it.

  5. aerton1
    aerton1 says:

    Is it me, but it feels like those start-ups are just a way to rip stock market "investors"? Looks like only the woman in the middle has an actual business that serves people and generates revenues, everybody else is in it for a gamble. Shouldn't BSchools be ashamed of it? Or feel that something is odd here?…

  6. onemindtrip
    onemindtrip says:

    What they don't teach you in business school about entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurs shouldn't go to college for a degree. That's what they don't teach you.

  7. annuitycom
    annuitycom says:

    It seems like a lot of business school folks end up working for corporations instead of spiking out and starting their own companies… at least that's what I've seen.

  8. a DIY Car Guy
    a DIY Car Guy says:

    A personal finance class should be required for any non-business majors. Colleges don't teach how to balance a checkbook because that is an antiquated thing best left to high school education.


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