Who is the leader of the Illuminati – Shocking Insider story

Who is the leader of the Illuminati? Not Satan but the earthly leader of the Illuminati. We also go through some interesting Illuminati Facts, worlds leaders and the Illuminati, how to illuminate the Illuminati and a very special insider story about their brainwashing techniques they apply until the day of today. Where we are going to find out who is on top of the pyramid. If Anonymous can do it, we can do it too. I invite you to join the light-workers team and help together to solve this case.

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Help me solve this case become a light-worker”
Case: http://lionsgroundnews.com/leader-of-the-illuminati-exposed-mission-illuminati-europe/

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Dark Fog Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Volatile Reaction Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Despair and Triumph Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. Deneze Bearclaw Lujanen
    Deneze Bearclaw Lujanen says:

    The Black pope which is also the head of the Jesuits.. and the pope listens to him as the pope is a Jesuit general and hes killed more people in Argentina then Hitler did in Germany and Hitler was a pansy to the Illuminati… The Jesuits are in every thing from the CIA to Roman church to NSA etc etc…he controls every one..

  2. Ahuwah Azais
    Ahuwah Azais says:

    Prince Julian de Medici is the Abomination of Desolation and the modern day Nero. Nero was Octavian. Julian de Medici is a Prince of Ottajano. Ottajano from Italian translates to Octavian in Latin. The Abomination of Desolation is described as a "raiser in taxes" and the Medici family are involved in banking and tax collecting. Jorge Mario Ber-Gog-lio is Gog and his spiritual army is Magog. Magog are all over the internet causing problems and division. Prince Stefano Massimo is Satan. Stefano means "Crowned" and Massimo translates to "Greatest" Lucifer is associated with Satan and is called the "Son of the morning" Prince Stefano Massimo is the son of Dawn Addams. Dawn is the morning. Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy is known as the Leviathan in Hebrew mythology and the King of Pergamos. Perga means a tower. Prince Vittorio Emanuele lives in Switzerland and oversees the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland which is designed as a tower and is the modern Tower of Babel. Peter hans Kolvenbach was Beliar the spirit of worthlessness and a false accusing liar. Joseph Ratzinger is Samael and he is another false accuser and called a destroyer in Hebrew Mythology.

  3. Donna Hooten
    Donna Hooten says:

    You believe in Satan but not God? Did I understand you when you said that you are not a believer of God? How can you believe in Satan but not God? Where do you think Satan came?

  4. P Mabbo
    P Mabbo says:

    The Illuminati didn't start in 1776. It started here :

    Genesis 3

    Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”

    2 The woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, 3 but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.’”

    4 “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 5 “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

    6 When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. 7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

  5. karen lee
    karen lee says:

    the satanic jesuit roman catholics invented islam for the purpose of creating an enemy for Christians and Jews for their NWO AGENDA

  6. Triple Gods
    Triple Gods says:

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  7. Jilted John
    Jilted John says:

    I like that..
    what are we going to do about the Illuminati? & everybody wants to be a prophet..
    The knowledge of those involved, where it all started, the history & intentions including expected outcomes is fantastic! it really is..
    & this allows some redemption when it comes down to contribution.
    The short & tall of it is, people who know should do more than pat themselves on the back for info passed on because that info will continue on 2 the last man before the response of, what do we do next? returns..
    In the meantime, the machine works tirelessly, ensuring all loopholes are blocked, potential hotspots minimised & opposition is bought or crushed..
    Order out of chaos! They're already creating chaos at a whole new level & it's intensifying!! We can see the smoke, it's burning out of control in some areas & starting in others. 2 questions; How do we put the fire out & when?

  8. sabitanathkrishna biswas
    sabitanathkrishna biswas says:


  9. aman rosli
    aman rosli says:

    i was so sad to see u.s now.. so sad to see our friend (Christianity) alot of them are blind..we are muslim and we know the end will comes..there's nothing we could do but being a believer's in our relagion..from start and end of the world all has been explain to us..so we know jesus and antichrist will comes… the end will comes..but i hopes our brother will not be the illuminati puppet..

  10. Louis Fod
    Louis Fod says:

    It is pretty simple. google eustace mullins. the elders of zion want your flash for dinner. you are in the eye of the storm: dutche Voy. Bilderberg fery cloose.


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