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Innovative Financial Advisors pvt. Ltd – Half of the world’s population i.e. more than 3.5 billion people are under 30 years old. In the next decade, approximately 142 million girls will be married before the age of 18 and many will likely be pressured to prove their fertility soon after their nuptials. Giving this as reality the concern to educate and address youth about their reproductive and sexual health problems and needs become imperative.

Today’s youth are the promise of tomorrow, yet the risks they face to their health are ever-increasing even today. Young people must navigate everything from HIV to pregnancy, unsafe abortions, and violence, often amid cultures where even discussing contraception is taboo. Adding these hurdles to adolescents’ everyday challenges–schoolwork, social development, jobs–and young people could easily be overwhelmed. Adolescents hence offers a critical juncture for intervention as young people are open to new ideas and beginning to form lifelong attitudes, values, and behaviors.

Innovative Financial Advisors pvt. Ltd. – Addressing these needs of adolescents is a challenge that goes well beyond the role of health services alone. The legal framework, social policy, the safety of communities and opportunities for education and recreation are just some of the factors of civil society that are key to adolescent development. However, within an integrated approach, health services can play an important role in helping adolescents to stay healthy and to complete their journey to adulthood; supporting young people who are looking for a route to good health, treating those who are ill, injured or troubled and reaching out to those who are at risk.

Innovative Financial Advisors pvt. Ltd. – This all entitles to create a viable environment where we can meet adolescents where they are, in a manner they can relate to, and helping them overcome these obstacles to their reproductive health. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. acts to enhance their access to information and services and reaching out to them in places they already go, such as pharmacies, schools, and work places via the formulation of innovative strategies.

Innovative Financial Advisors pvt. Ltd. – The key to find an innovative workable solution is to look within the existing problem where the objectivity to find the solution lies. It becomes increasingly important in the existing position that whole adolescent programming as young people involves active youth participation and community involvement as the best advocates for their needs. Given the sensitivities around adolescent sexual and reproductive health, one needs to work with policy makers, parents, teachers, and health workers to recognize and support the special needs of this important and often vulnerable group.

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. ltd. programs thus capitalizes on the vitality, potential, and dynamism of these young people, including having them as active partners in developing, implementing, and evaluating programs to address the critical vulnerable situation of today’s youth.

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