z-score Calculations & Percentiles in a Normal Distribution

z-score Calculations & Percentiles in a Normal Distribution

I show you how to calculate Z-scores and find areas under the bell curve…p-values. I will also show you how to find statistics from areas under the curve…such as quartiles.

You can find p-values with a calculator as well. This is what it looks like on a TI-NSPIRE
TI-NSPIRE Z score to Pval & Pval to Zscore NormCDF invNorm

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  1. Anthony Le
    Anthony Le says:

    How can I find the percentile if they give me only the standard deviation? I got stuck only for this for the home test. thanks million of getting your response as soon as possible

  2. Andy Bryte
    Andy Bryte says:

    how do I use z score to calculate a variable: eg, I have a z score of 1, a mean of 33,266, and a standard deviation of 22,333… how do I apply this information to figure out what the actual variable is that's represented by this z score

  3. Bobby Williams
    Bobby Williams says:

    I am taking a stat class for a graduate education degree and as a history teacher, math has never been my strongest subject. Thank you for these videos. From one Bob to another.

  4. Manasi Ponamala
    Manasi Ponamala says:

    you mentioned that if a problem says the data is normal it will follow with asking for z score but is there a possibility they might ask for t score or should i just assume it's asking for z score? For the frqs on the ap exam


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